Macerator Pumps

HOMAC Macerator pumps provide a convenient method for disposing of sanitary waste water into drains and public sewers where conventional gravity fall of the sewer line is not possible. These pumps can work efficiently in most domestic, industrial and commercial sanitary facilities, such as toilets, shower trays, dishwashers and washing machines.

The HOMAC toilet macerator pump can be installed unobtrusively anywhere, such as behind the toilet itself, behind a wash basin or behind walls. The toilet flush will activate the pump automatically. The pump grinds down the waste and dispatches it to a sewer or other soil pipes of up to 90 metres away. It can also dispatch waste vertically over a distance of up to 8 metres.

The rule of thumb for any installation is to remember that for every 1m the macerator has to pump vertically it will lose approximately 10m in horizontal discharge. Avoid to many unnecessary bends in your installation as this will also affect the overall height and distance performance. Where possible utilize long radius bends for the least amount of frictional loss.